Welcome! We are a family owned and operated (husband, wife and son) design/build team. We are passionate about helping others achieve their remodeling goals. With more than 40+ years of experience in the design, tile & construction industry, Tuscany Builders provides award winning PERSONAL service to our clients. We hold your hand through every step of the process, ensuring that you understand and feel comfortable with your project. We provide our clients with the quality they expect and deserve.

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We Are the Most Reliable & Experienced Contractor For Your Next Project

Proudly Serving All Cities in Orange County, California 


Our years of experience in DESIGN allow us to know what changes homeowners can make to their spaces at our first on-site appointment. The benefit of this skill is to help determine a reliable and realistic budget.


One problem homeowners face when they SEARCH for remodeling inspiration is the overwhelming product choice and design possibilities that flood the market. Part of our expertise is knowing which products are worth investing in and which ones you should stay away from.


The owner of Tuscany Builders has been in the construction industry for over 40+ years and in that time, he has created connections with TRUSTED suppliers and professional tradesmen. This network brings our clients the best materials and talent available.


Our goal at Tuscany Builders is to use materials and ideas that have been developed for the BENEFIT of the homeowner not to cut corners on quality or time. We pride on doing things the “old fashioned” way because it is the best and lasts the longest.


Why do our clients love to remodel with us? One reason is that we are well ORGANIZED and run only one major project at a time. This is unheard of in construction today, but we like our company small and personalized. It’s not about the volume to us.


Our owner holds 3 general contracting licenses in California and Arizona, is a licensed ceramic/mosaic tile contractor and has won numerous AWARDS for customer service.


At Tuscany Builders, we are not interested in high volume projects, we focus on quality construction and personalized service. We use products that PERFORM beautifully from day one and that have been tested for durability.


When you use Tuscany Builders, you are working directly with the OWNER, Dino or his wife, Dina. (That is not a typo). Our company has the best award winning customer service out there. You will never deal with high pressure salesmen or broken promises.

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General Contractor  (CA, AZ) Tile Contractor & Plumber  

Dino Presutto

23 years Office Manager/Designer

Dina Presutto

3 yr. Apprentice/Supervisor

Austin Presutto

3-year-old Rough Collie



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Brainstorm and make a wish list


Look for products and gather information


Reach out to a professional


Verify the license and reviews


Field measurements are the first step


Concept drawings then final drawings


Understand your design and ask questions


Purchase your materials before demo



How Can We Help You?


Each client is unique…

so we provide custom designs for kitchens, bathrooms or any kind of remodel. Whether it’s an ornate tile pattern for a shower or major remodel with blueprints; it is our responsibility to make sure your vision becomes a reality!

If you are having trouble envisioning a design or need design assistance with you home, we are available to help you! After 27 years of designing, remodeling and building homes, we can steer you in the right direction so you won’t make any costly errors or get bad advise from the internet.


We use the latest in 3D design technology to give homeowners a realistic view of their project.


We introduce “green” technology and products into our designs whenever possible.


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There are many puzzle pieces that make up a remodel:

BUDGET- no one ever wants to discuss this, but it is vital to the remodel! Certain designs and relocations of appliances cannot occur with the standard kitchen budget.

MATERIALS- this is everything from cabinets to paint color and everything in between. The materials you choose will dictate your budget.

APPLIANCES- you cannot design kitchen cabinets without knowing the size of your appliances. Don’t buy appliances and try to fit them into the design, that is backward!

STRUCTURAL- are you taking down or building walls? Do you need engineering for that? Are you replacing windows? Ceiling lights, are they outdated fluorescent tubes built into a box? All costly and important issues to discuss.

ELECTRICAL- chances are you will need to upgrade your electrical in the kitchen. If your home is older, you may need extra circuits and G.F.I. outlets. (See if your contractor knows about that, they should)

PLUMBING- it’s not just your kitchen sink that needs water supply anymore. If you are upgrading to an automatic icemaker/water dispensing refrigerator, you will need a water supply! Also, the kitchen sink choice is very important to the design of your kitchen! Find the size you want and you must stick with it!

FINISHES- faucets and backsplashes, flooring and pulls. Sometimes, these send the budget over the edge! Discuss all of your visions at the beginning.

COST- determine your budget at the beginning and allow 10%-20% for unforeseen problems (especially in older homes) You may want to OR be forced to upgrade something you are not expecting to pay for, so please set aside some funds. YOU WON’T HAVE TO SPEND IT ALL, IT’S JUST A PRECAUTION!


Whether you want to buy a home and tear it down or remodel your existing home, you should take the time to speak to a professional who can steer you in the right direction and prevent you from making some poor decisions.

Anyone can give advise as to how to make a space look better or up-to-date, but they are not contractors. Contractors are specially licensed to analyze how things are built and structurally supported.

Sure walls can be removed or rooms can be added, but at what cost? How would you know what is involved unless you consult a design/build firm?

Our minimal design/consultation fee will put your mind at ease when contemplating  a major investment or at least give you an idea of how much the project will cost from beginning to end.


Our 30 years in business and 40+ years in the construction industry include supervising many employees and running several job sites. If you are interested in having your custom project supervised by a professional, “on-the-job” company, please contact us.

Part of being a general contractor entails designing and building new homes. Taking a bare lot and seeing the potential that only an true artist can envision, its what makes us great at what we do. Not only can we take the ugliest house in the neighborhood and transform it into something beautiful, but we have the knowledge to take a raw piece of land and design a structure that encompasses numerous challenges in itself.

What do you need to know if you want to build from scratch.

TOPOGRAPHY- is the land flat, narrow, long, wide or pie shaped? Is it up hill, down hill or a curb lot? (I’m feeling a little like Dr. Seuss) Does it have a view, is it heavily wooded, or home to an endangered species? Don’t laugh, we actually have to do biological studies on land and it’s not fun!

SOIL- soil condition is the most important part of researching land. Is it rocky, bedrock, clay, expansive? Is it part of an ancient landslide or natural cheek? All very important details when you are looking at “raw” land. Developed lots in a community setting are already past this stage, but it’s great information to have in your back pocket.

CODES/RESTRICTIONS- so you’ve found the idea piece of land and you want with  multiple structures and specific materials in mind. No, it’s not up to you. City and county and more importantly fire codes have control over your project. Just because it’s your land does not give you the right to do what you want with it. Sorry, it’s not the 1880’s anymore.

HOA- the dreaded homeowner’s association. If you don’t have this is your area, congratulations! If you do, we’re sorry. We only have HOA where our business is located and deal with them on each project. Again, if your ideal vision is not what the HOA rulebook may allow, please check restrictions on height, materials and even landscape before you make this kind of purchase.

What are the advantages of building your own home?


Current building standards and technology

Being part of the design process

Watching and educating yourself on the construction of your home

Having the comfort and knowledge of how your house was built, where important components are located within the walls and piece of mind as far as maintenance, reliability and warranty of the structure.

Depending on the state in which your home is built, the numbers are going to vary. There are so many items of a home that determine it’s budget. Here is a list to think about before you shell out all the money for the land or a set of plans.

WEATHER- snow, excessive heat or water (ocean or flood zone) all these things determine how your house is constructed. Snow climates build basements while desert climates have special foam products and larger air conditioning units. Building for water hazard may cause the home to be elevated off the ground.

SOIL- again, the soil is very important. We have seismic codes here that require deep concrete footings, steel posts and beams. Our soil is expansive which requires a lot of rebar and grade beams in the foundation. All of these issues add cost to your structure.

ARCHITECTURE- the style of your home may send your budget into overdrive. Some styles of home require more labor and materials to make it look correctly. Stone, slate roofs, copper rain gutters, heavy timber beams can all make a large dent in the budget.

FINISHES- we haven’t even bought one piece of lumber yet and we’ve had to jump ahead into the interior of the home. What kind of finishes are you thinking about? Smooth drywall, flooring, electrical fixtures, plumbing fixtures, cabinetry? All very important to the budget. Can you imagine getting to the end of the project and running out of money for carpet? It happens.

MAINTENENCE- so, you’ve completed your dream home, (in your imagination) have you considered the utility cost, ground maintenance, taxes, HOA fees? A lot of people are so wrapped up in the initial stages of obtaining a lot and building, they forget about the “living in it” part. This is why people build and the house goes up for sale at the end. It’s very sad.

We design and build for our clients; sure, but we go a step further. We don’t design out of the scope of their budget. All building costs vary from region to region as well as materials and labor cost. It is best to check with a professional in your area for the best estimate for building new construction.

Homeowner ( Los Angeles )
"Tuscany Builders turned our drab kitchen into a true work of art that is the envy of all our guests! Their expertise in translating our vision into reality was so helpful in allowing us to acheive the look we wanted within the budget we wanted to spend."
Homeowner ( Laguna Niguel )
"I have been meaning to email you about our fabulous backyard! We have had quite a few people over lately and they have loved our backyard and kitchen/bath remodel. They loved the design, materials and craftsmanship! They were very impressed with how we were so happy with our contractor. I just wanted to let you know that people appreciate the workmanship design & dedication you put into our two projects as do we. Take care and thanks for a superb job. We are enjoying it so much!"
Homeowner ( Mission Viejo )
"Tuscany Builders is a super company; they had affordable designs and listened to my ideas. This company goes over and above other contractors. They are on time and the "clean" up daily, as well as put up protective coverings to isolate the work area from the rest of the house. I have a kitchen that is the envy of all my neighbors who also had their kitchens updated with other companies. Tuscany Builders never book too many consecutive jobs; they finish a job before moving on to the next one! Everything was done in a timely fashion! I couldn't be happier."
Homeowner ( Anaheim )
"I contracted Tuscany Builders to remodel my kitchen and family room. The whole experience was delightful. Dino and Dina are true professionals. Dino was on the job supervising and working on a daily basis and Dina was up on the latest styles which helped me choose the perfect tile and cabinet combination."