There are few better ways to enjoy the great outdoors than with your own outdoor living design setup! Every homeowner deserves to have an area of the home set aside for outdoor relaxation and enjoyment, and Tuscany Builders is the firm that can make it all come together for you.

Tuscany Builders is a California, family-owned company that has extensive experience in most every aspect of home design and construction. Staffed by a team of ace professionals that bring to each and every project years of real-world experience in handling most every concern in the residential front, the company is especially capable of delivering a range of outdoor living design solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and excellence. By combining sheer technical capability with a genuine spirit of innovation and inventiveness, Tuscany Builders can help you realize your goals for a great outdoor relaxing place at home.

Over the years, Tuscany Builders has achieved industry-wide renown as one of the most accomplished firms in the home design, construction, and renovation front. With much of the company’s success driven by its outstanding range of products and services, the company has become one of the leading names in the residential design and construction industry in California. In fact, Tuscany Builders enjoys a clientele that spans across the West Coast, with even clients from out of state drawn to the company’s design expertise and sheer professionalism.

Integral to the quality results that the Tuscany Builders team is able to achieve is its innovative outdoor living design process, which has been developed by way of years of servicing the needs of various clients in the commercial and residential sectors. The Tuscany design team first meets with clients and determines their specific needs with regard to the design and construction of the outdoor space. The team also inspects the premises thoroughly beforehand, in order to make their own determination as to which the best course of action may be with regard to accomplishing the job.

Tuscany Builders works closely with each and every client in coming up with the design and construction plans, paying careful attention to the needs and special requests of the client. For Tuscany Builders, customer satisfactory if of utmost importance, and the company’s team of specialists works to ensure that the customers get their money’s worth upon completion of the job. This is why the initial consultation, preplanning, and design processes are so important.

After the plans are presented to the client and have undergone the necessary revisions, the actual work on the outdoor space can begin. This is where the Tuscany Builders construction team comes into play, as they work to produce a finished design that meets the exacting specifications of both the design team and the client. With a professionalism and capability borne out of years of handling various types of construction and maintenance jobs in the residential sector, the Tuscany Builders team helps put together the vision for the outdoor living design as outlined in the initial plans.

One of Tuscany Builders’s primary goals is to deliver a range of outdoor space design services that fully meet the customers’ expectations with regard to quality, durability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. From outside fireplace designs to backyard fire pit design, full patio makeovers to garden landscaping and more, Tuscany Builders strives to provide true value with each and every project.

Tuscany Builders’ efforts in the home design and maintenance industry has not gone unnoticed, with the company having achieved a significant degree of acclaim, both from the public as well as from its peers in the industry. In 2015, Tuscany Builders was even given the coveted “Best of Laguna Niguel Award” by the Laguna Niguel Award Program in the General Contractor category. This impressive achievement is only one of the latest in a long line of well-deserved industry accolades for the California-based company.

Tuscany Builders’ sheer technical prowess and outstanding construction expertise is apparent in all of its projects, but especially so in the Backyards/Outdoor living showcase that the company has recently unveiled to the public. The company’ ace design and construction teams have truly outdone themselves in the creation of this stunning outdoor ensemble, which combines the finest capabilities that the company has to offer. With its ruggedly elegant furniture, stylish patio, and design features that are equal part Old-World tradition and modern day innovation, Tuscany Builders yet again shows why it is the leading outdoor living design specialist firm in the United States.

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