What is a design/build firm?

Long ago the process of renovating was much simpler. Projects such as room additions or simple structural remodels could be scaled out on a letter sized piece of paper and taken into the local city building department for on the spot approval.

A design/build firm like Tuscany Builders provides clients with the design expertise and building advise they need to begin the remodeling process. One mistake homeowners can make is to go straight to an architect. Not only do architects charge more for the same service, most of the time they design projects that are out of the homeowner’s budget.

Too often we’ve been asked to bid a remodel with plans that came from an architect. While they represent a wonderful concept of what the homeowner envisioned, the cost to go through with the project is out of scale to what the homeowner can spend leaving them with a useless set of plans.

As we started to see this more and more, we combined our skills for design and knowledge about construction to provide our clients with a set of plans that actually allowed for the budget to work in the homeowner’s favor. Thus, the design/build concept was born.

We are always here to help homeowner’s improve their home with a good, comprehensive design concept!




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