Design Trends 2017

2017 Design Trends

The Design Gods have spoken. A new color palate of textures, colors, materials and style will infiltrate the marketplace for 2017. Does this mean your home needs a major remodel? No, of course not. But to keep you ahead of the curve and show you what to expect in the new year, here’s a little glimpse into what you will see on your store shelves for 2017.

On its way out: The cold, stark look of white and gray marble.

island sink undermount
2016 most popular kitchen design trend gray and white

This look enjoyed more that a year of attention in the kitchen design trend category.

With the popularity of quartz and quartzite counter tops pushing granite as the usual “first choice” for a solid surface to the side, these materials tended to dominate the trend.

It is a bit strange for this to happen with materials because quartzite tends to be much more expensive than granite. However, in order to achieve that pure white background, your only alternative is marble or quartzite.

Granite has very few species of white and the ones that do are grainy in texture with a multitude of dark dots and wild patterns. It just lacks the soft, smooth and clean appearance clients are looking for.

Marble, on the other hand, has this exact look, but it has been given such a bad wrap by consumers for durability in the kitchen setting and rightfully so, in this kitchen designer’s opinion. When the client’s asked for marble on their kitchen countertop, there was always a big discussion on maintenance and sustainability.

So if that’s out, what’s in?

You’re not going to like it, but it’s modern. The term “modern design” can be taken out of context. Let me explain; you can’t just tell the entire population of homeowners that their only option is going to be modern design and that’s it. The trend may lean toward “modern,” but it’s only a trend.

In case you aren’t familiar with my background, I work with my husband who is a general contractor. We design and build everything from bathrooms to custom homes. Kitchens are my forte because I love to cook and have a special passion for creating the perfect kitchen with my clients. Every homeowner we work with has a different personality and so should their home. Why tell everyone that the trend is modern and you will only be given modern fixtures, furniture and accessories to choose from. This is ridiculous! The percentage of homeowner’s who have a “modern” home is very, very low. As a design and build company, it isn’t right for us to let a homeowner completely remodel their kitchen in the new modern trend while the rest of their house sits back in the 1980’s! Unless that’s what they really want of course.

Is there a solution to this push of modern design? Thankfully yes!

So how do you take a space and design it to not only compliment the rest of your home, but follow the trend?

Use materials that span across the era’s. While the “trendies” chase after modern design, the average homeowner can blend the old and the new. This is what we call transitional design.

I personally love this type of design. It is the perfect solution to satisfying a homeowner who wants to have the best of modern technology and materials, but isn’t ready to fast forward their kitchen 100 years. It is important to “modernize” your kitchen with better and efficient appliances, but it is not better to give into a “look” that really isn’t who you are just because it’s the new trend.

Remember, trends go in and then they go out. Never feel pressured to do a remodel that really isn’t what you want just because a designer tells you it’s the new trend. A good design and build professional knows how to improve your space with a great, updated design and materials that compliment your personality and the new design.

New material trends for 2017

  • terracotta tiles glazed with patterns
  • naturalization of the interior with the greens of the outdoors
  • rocks, stones, geodes, quartz and other natural elements
  • jewel tones
  • rust, burnished gold and dark metals
  • lighting fixtures that make a statement
  • reclaimed wood accents
  • linear kitchen design
  • stainless steel

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