Design Trends 2017

2017 Design Trends The Design Gods have spoken. A new color palate of textures, colors, materials and style will infiltrate the marketplace for 2017. Does this mean your home needs a major remodel? No, of course not. But to keep you ahead of the curve and show you what to expect in the new year,… Continue reading

Demo: Put Down the Sledgehammer!

Demo:  Put down the Sledgehammer For months or maybe years, homeowners contemplate jumping into the proverbial remodeling pool with a sledgehammer in tow. First things first, sledgehammers are for busting up concrete floors and are not to be swung overhead by a middle-aged mother of 3 to take down an innocent, but severely outdated wall cabinet. Let's get real… Continue reading

What is a design/build firm?

Long ago the process of renovating was much simpler. Projects such as room additions or simple structural remodels could be scaled out on a letter sized piece of paper and taken into the local city building department for on the spot approval. A design/build firm like Tuscany Builders provides clients with the design expertise and building advise they… Continue reading

Custom Home Prep

It's not always possible to start construction of a new custom home with a clean plot of land. In a place like Orange County, California, where we are, there isn't much land left! Sometimes we have to clear or demo a home to make room for a new one. We are so excited to be able… Continue reading

Short Story of Tuscany Builders

Who is the design genius behind Tuscany Builders? A person who has a dedicated 40 years of experience in the industry, the owner; Dino. Starting out with simple kitchens and bathroom remodels, his eye for detail and function has propelled Tuscany Builders to the amazing award winning company it is today! This gallery shows the spectrum… Continue reading