In the 5th grade, Dino worked at his father’s tile store helping clients pick out and purchase tile. Everyone soon realized that he had an “eye” for coordinating materials, design, and working with customers. At age 14, Dino learned the art of tile installation by mixing cement, floating and grouting. Over the next few summer vacations and weekends at the jobsites, he mastered the art of tile layout, design and tiling residential and commercial spaces.

By the age of 18 he was running crews on 24 hour shifts while selling products out of his own tile and design showroom; Dino’s Tile Design.

Although at 21 he was a master at tile installation, his dream was to design, build and completely renovate homes.

For the next 2 years, Dino apprenticed under a X-military general contractor in order to gain enough knowledge and experience to take the California State License Board exam. During this time he endured some rigorous training; crawling under houses and sweating in attics during the middle of summer while running copper plumbing lines and wiring electrical fixtures.

In 1989, he passed his general contractor license exam and became a licensed general contractor. He proudly established his own construction company; Presutto Construction, and dove into kitchen and bathroom remodels doing the work himself from design to completion.

He would meet clients, discuss the project, help choose the materials and do the construction by hand with little or no help. As a matter of fact, he still runs Tuscany Builders in the same manner, carefully performing most of the work “in-house” and carefully watching the subcontractors who step foot on each jobsite.

Dino pushed himself into learning how to do room additions, build new homes from a vacant lot and perform more advanced interior and exterior structural remodeling. He tore down single family homes and turned them into large 2 story homes for some very happy growing families.

In 4 short years, he had designed and built several homes and was ready to take on new challenges.

In 1993, he won the bid for a single family home awarded by the HUD program in Los Angeles. This requires a builder to produce a home from the ground up in 90 working days. Dino not only accomplished this requirement on time, but made several changes to enhance the design and function of the home. This impressed the program director and gave Dino a level of respect in the building industry for his knowledge and expertise. This led to working for the mayor and remodeling county facilities. Dino has successfully completed 13 of these homes in total before the program was retired. Since then, Dino showed such professionalism and craftsmanship over the years of building these homes, he was allowed to change and completely redesign the last 2 homes at his own discretion.

Dino continues to enhance his company and push himself further. He has earned his general contracting license in the state of Arizona where he designed and built 2 custom homes. In fact, Dino holds 3 general contracting licenses and 1 ceramic tile/mosaic contactor license.

Dino isn’t your ordinary contractor, he takes every job to heart. His clients refer him to their friends and family and the cycle repeats. This is because of his unique way of running his projects, with personal care and attention to detail. Dino’s skills include: design, layout, foundation work, concrete, plumbing, framing, windows, lath, tile, carpentry, cabinetry, granite, stone, luxury landscapes, complex whole house remodels and new home construction. With this level of expertise, no remodeling client is ever disappointed.

Congratulations to Dino and Tuscany Builders for receiving the BEST of 2014, 2015 and 2016 award for customer satisfaction from and the award for  BEST GENERAL CONTRACTOR 2015  in Laguna Niguel.

27th year in business 1989-2016

LICENSE B822306 general contractor

LICNESE C54 735906 ceramic/mosaic tile contractor

LICENSE B564292 general contractor



Dina joined the company after graduating from college in 1996 with her Bachelor degree in Science. Not having a business background, Dina took on the challenge of learning the many parts of construction industry.

Dino took the time to teach her everything he had already known about business and working with clients. She started to learn about the various materials and applications surrounding tile and stone as well as the general contracting portion of the industry .

Within the next year, Dina starting assisting clients with choosing and coordinating materials for their custom homes and designing patterns for custom tile installation. At that point, Dina was able to read blueprints, estimate and help design projects. On weekends, they would take the time to organize material, visit the their jobsites and go to suppliers to look at material.

Dino began designing and building more homes and took the time to teach Dina about construction from placing a house on a lot to the building codes and procedures of pulling permits.

Dina’s love for construction and design grew as she continued to work alongside Dino. With the addition of 2 children and helping grow the business, she pushed herself to learn more about the inner workings of kitchen and bath design/remodeling. She assists clients with product choice and coordination, designs cabinets all while still maintaining the office. She has built the company website, creates and manages all the social media accounts and started her own blog Food

Her passion and love of  learning for construction and design is endless. She is always ready to take on the next building project or remodel, meet new clients with enthusiasm and adapt to the new trends or products that become available.

After being part of the business for such a long time, she has plenty of experience with the design and construction process and enjoys sharing her knowledge with clients!


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